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Experience the Power of In-Person Group Training coach Jennifer BAUR

If you want to train like a natural bodybuilder and achieve your fitness goals, join our group personal training class. You will get to work with a certified trainer  who will guide you through a customized workout plan that suits your level and needs. You will also enjoy the benefits of training with a small group of like-minded people who will motivate and support you along the way. Our group personal training sessions are limited to 10 people maximum, so you can get the attention and feedback you need from your trainer. Whether you want to build muscles, get stronger, or shape your dream body, we can help you reach your potential. Sign up today and start your transformation!


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My Story

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I am Jennifer! I originally come from France, but I have been living here in the United States for 4 years now and I love it. I have not always been in shape, and I know what it is to struggle and to not feel good in my own body. However, in 2012 I started working out and since then, I have learned so much and I came a long way! Soon as I moved to the States, I started school and obtained my NASM certification to become a certified trainer and Coach in nutrition.

 I absolutely love helping my customers getting where they want to be. My journey was not over, I felt like I needed to push myself even further. I am doing all natural competition It is not easy, but I am loving every minute of it because I am learning more things about myself and about nutrition and my job. With years and difficult times, I have learned that resilience is the key of success! We must adapt to our selves and to whatever come our way, but what is amazing is that, with resilience, nothing is impossible for our body and our mind.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or bulk up in muscle, contact me to get started today!


Jennifer Baur

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