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Online Nutrition coaching

Proper nutrition is the foundation for disease prevention, optimal health and top performance. Just ask the pros. Additionally, the top four chronic diseases in our country are mostly preventable by the right diet. When it comes to weight loss, many people stop and start, under-eat or can’t find the right combination between their diet and training to create visible changes in their body composition. The perfect balance can be achieved with the right professional supporting you every step of the way.

We all know accountability and consistency are the keys to success. Let our experienced nutrition coaches evaluate your current nutritional baseline and work with you to establish a customized plan just for your individual body and goals.

Greek Food

Benefits Of Nutrition Coaching

  • Improved energy

  • Achieving your ideal weight

  • Preventing bone loss or fracture

  • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases

Greek Food
Vegetarian Food

Nutrition coaching is included
in your membership!

We begin with a 30 minute  session, where we will get to know each other, and start to uncover your relationship with food and your body.  We will discuss where you have been, and where you are now, and dig deep to unravel the “why” behind your eating concerns. In our initial session, we will come up with a big picture plan and identify the areas you would like to focus on in our work together. Our follow-up sessions will focus on introducing strategies to help you move towards your goals, working through barriers, and revisiting and adjusting your goals to help you and propel you forward.

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